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Welcome to 95 Deg South

Hi, my name is Dave, and in July of 2009 my wife Kacey and I, together with our truck the Golden Gringo, set off on the adventure of a lifetime: a 10 month roadtrip from our home in Colorado, south down the PanAmerican Highway through Central and South America, all the way to the very tip of the continent and the end of the road at Ushuaia, Argentina.

Dave and Kacey

Dave and Kacey

Our route was ambitious to say the least, and led us through the steaming jungles of Central America, the deserts of Peru, Bolivia and Chile, and the wilds of Patagonia- avoiding drug wars, viral epidemics, coup d’états, militant guerrillas, floods and even an earthquake- all told we traveled over 28,000 miles, through 16 countries, and across 95 degrees of latitude south, thus the name of our adventure.

The original purpose of recording our trip and posting it to the internet was to keep family and friends informed of our location and well being.  Now that our trip is finished, I hope that our story will be a good read for the armchair traveler, and an inspiration and source of knowledge and advice for those lucky few who choose to undertake a similar adventure.  Please keep in mind that the pages of this website were originally written in the context of a blog while traveling on the road, and therefore might pose some quirky repetitiveness and perhaps a few chronological inconsistencies that would be edited out in a proper book.

Once you have finished reading 95 Deg South (if you enjoyed it), you can follow us on our current adventure at

Let the story begin…